plug-in power supply


  • Universal input voltage
  • Single output
  • Optional output connectors
  • Short circuit poetection
  • High efficiency & reliability
  • Compact low profile package
  • One year warranty


Specifications: YMC06 Series:
Input voltage 100~240 VAC (Limits: 90-264VAC)
Input frequency 47 to 63 Hz (Limits: 47-440Hz)
Input current 0.3A(rms) for 115VAC,0.2A(rms) for 230VAC
Safety ground leakage current 0.25mA max @ 240VAC 50Hz
Output voltage See rating chart (±5% tolerance)
Output current See rating chart
Output power range 10 watts Max
Ripple 1% peak to peak maximum
Over voltage protection N/A
Over current protection AII outputs protected to circuit conditions
Temperature coefficient AII outputs ±0.04%/℃ maximum
Operating temperature 0℃~+40℃ 40℃ to +85℃
Storage temperature
Relative humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Derating Derated from 100% at +40℃ linearly to 50% to 70℃
Efficiency 65% minimum at full output
Ling regulation ±1% maximum for any input voltage change between input voltage range
Load regulation ±5% variations from minimum to maximum output current
Insulation resistance 50 Mohm minimum from output to ground
Inrush current 15 AMPS @ 115 VAC,or 30AMPS @ 230VAC AT 25℃ cold start
Withstand volatge 4242VDC from input to output
EMI requirements Meets conductiom limits of FCC PART 15 CLASS B
Safety requirements Meets or exceeds: CUL 1310
Warranty 1 year